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Meet the School Counselor Back to School Guidance Introduction Counseling Lesson

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Attention Secret Agents! Welcome to mission headquarters. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher hidden clues & messages to reveal the roles & responsibilities of the counselor in this Meet the Counselor, Back to School, Guidance Introduction lesson.

Engage students' detective skills as they solve the different puzzles to learn what a School Counselor can do for them. Then enjoy a game of "Discover the Secret Agent" where you’ll reveal fascinating facts about your fellow sleuths using code names from the Code Name Generator. Get ready to truly know your team of undercover operatives!

This School Counselor Introduction Lesson is tailor-made for upper elementary operatives like yourselves, equipped with a top-secret Lesson Plan, Interactive PowerPoint Presentation, Secret Agent Get to Know You Activity, and more. No need for planning - your mission awaits!

THIS IS THE POWERPOINT VERSION - To utilize this lesson in interactive mode, keep the PowerPoint in "Edit" mode to drag, drop, and type on the slides.

What is included in this resource:

1. Secret Agent: Meet the School Counselor Lesson Plan (3 pages)

2. Secret Agent: Meet the School Counselor PowerPoint presentation (15 slides)

3. Secret Agent Application (1 page)

4. Secret Agent Code Name Generator (1 page)

5. Secret Agent Label for Student Request Folder (1 page)

6. Secret Agent Notes to See the School Counselor (1 page)

7. Secret Agent Pass to See the School Counselor (1 page)

8. Secret Agent Teacher Referral for the School Counselor (1 page)

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