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Moving Up to Middle School Transition Lesson: Rock Star ESCAPE ROOM Preparing Activities

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Get your students ready for moving up to middle school with our rockin' rock star-themed escape room transition lesson! Help Groovy Ruby conquer her stage fright by teaming up to crack codes, solve puzzles, and uncover tips and tricks for rocking middle school! This Middle School Transition Escape Room promises an electrifying experience!

This Middle School Transition Escape Room is an engaging and interactive activity that is perfect for easing anxiety as students prepare to move to middle school. Students can complete the activities in their small groups and will learn valuable tips for 1) academic success, 2) social success, 3)self-care, and 4) maintaining a positive attitude. Best of all, students will have a memorable and enjoyable experience while learning important lessons.

Each young rock star will earn a Disco Ball of Dreams, an extension activity tool to inscribe goals, interests, worries, questions, and excitement about the journey ahead.

Top 5 Benefits of this Middle School Transition Escape Room:

1. Exciting and Engaging: Get your students excited about transitioning to middle school with this fun and interactive escape room activity.

2. Comprehensive Preparation: The escape room covers important skills for success in middle school, including academic success, social success, self-care, and maintaining a positive attitude.

3. Supports Social-Emotional Learning: The escape room incorporates ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors, helping students develop important social-emotional skills.

4. Interactive Learning: Students will actively participate in solving puzzles and unlocking clues, promoting active learning and critical thinking skills.

***This Escape Room Lesson does require some prep work of printing, cutting, and assembling the team puzzle packets, but it is well worth seeing your students working together to accomplish their escape!!! Plus, the prep work and assembly are done only once. Use this escape room lesson year after year!

What is included in this resource:

  • Lesson Plan (5 pages)
  • Preparing for the Lesson (2 page)
  • Secret Decoder (1 page)
  • Student Introduction (1 page)
  • Puzzle 1: Groovin' Good Habits (2 pages)
  • Puzzle 2: Time for Success (3 pages)
  • Puzzle 3: Rad Tips for Friendships (2 pages)
  • Puzzle 4: Rock Star Resilience (3 pages)
  • Final Puzzle (1 page)
  • Puzzle Collectibles (1 page)
  • Disco Ball Craft (3 pages)
  • Puzzle Solutions (12 pages)
  • Folder Cover (1 page)
  • Envelope labels (1 page)
  • Slideshow Presentation (21 slides)

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