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Michelle's Magical Journey Making Creative Counseling Resources

Hi there! My name is Michelle and I am an Elementary School Counselor turned Curriculum Writer. You have found the go-to resource for School Counselors seeking fresh, interactive, and innovative ideas. 

As the author of Creative Counseling Resources, I'm here to inspire and empower you with creative lessons that will truly engage and motivate your students. Whether you're looking for interactive activities, unique approaches, or inspiring strategies, I've got you covered! Let's collaborate and together we can inspire students to reach new heights and make positive improvements. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your school counseling program!

If you're looking for some awesome ideas and lessons, Creative Counseling Resources is the place to be! You're in the right place if you want...

  • To say goodbye to the stress of planning lessons and hello to easy-to-implement activities that will leave a lasting impact on your students' lives.

  • A treasure trove of standards-based, interactive, and innovative resources that'll take your counseling lessons to the next level.

  • To create engaging and unforgettable School Counseling experiences that your students will cherish and benefit from.

  • To empower your students with effective social-emotional learning techniques that truly make a difference.

  • To boost your confidence, become more efficient, and make a bigger impact as a school counselor.

With over 25 years of experience as a School Counselor in elementary and middle schools, I understand the challenges we face in making a meaningful impact on our students' lives. Time is limited, and we need to make every minute count. That's why I became intentional about creating engaging and memorable lessons and activities.

I saw firsthand the incredible benefits of interactive resources. Students were able to recall those lessons, even years later, because they made a lasting impact. Colleagues started noticing the positive outcomes and began requesting copies of my creative resources. Before I knew it, I was invited to join our District Curriculum Committee, where my resources gained even more recognition.

Driven by the desire to support School Counselors worldwide, I decided to open the doors to the Creative Counseling Resources shop. My goal is to share these valuable resources with fellow counselors who are seeking innovative and effective ways to connect with their students.

I know the importance of having practical and engaging materials that align with educational standards. That's why my resources are designed to be user-friendly and ready to implement. Whether you're a seasoned counselor or just starting out, Creative Counseling Resources is here to support you on your journey.

Being a School Counselor brings so much fulfillment, but there are other moments in my career that hold a special place in my heart. One of those moments was when I received my National Board Certification, a true testament to my dedication and expertise. However, my proudest achievement was being honored as the South Carolina Elementary School Counselor of the Year and even being nominated for the prestigious 2018 National School Counselor of the Year award!

Just like you, I have a bustling life outside of work. I'm a proud wife and mother of three amazing children, and we share our home with four adorable pets. Whenever I can squeeze it in, I love to indulge in my passion for acting on stage in our local community theatres and enjoy some quality camping time with dear friends.

What truly ignites my passion is creating engaging, interactive, and meaningful resources for school counselors and teachers like yourself. It brings me immense joy to know that my resources are making a positive impact on students' lives across the globe and helping educators save precious time in their busy schedules. 

Join me in making a lasting impact on students' lives. Let's empower our students together through interactive and engaging counseling resources!