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Introducing the "Roll & Respond - Build a Monster - Discussion Starters Game" 🎲👹 that will revolutionize your counseling sessions with younger students! 🎉

🧠 Engage your students in a playful and interactive way while addressing important topics such as Anger Management, Grief, New Students, New Year, and Setting Goals. 🗣️💬 Our monster-themed game will help break the ice on these tough subjects and create a positive, open environment for discussions.

👾 How to Play:

1️⃣ Print, cut, fold, and glue/tape the cube together.

2️⃣ Print, cut, and laminate the monster game pieces on slides 15-21.

3️⃣ Print the Roll & Respond Games on slides 5-14.

4️⃣ Start with a monster body of choice. Roll the dice, respond to the questions, and collect the body pieces to build your unique monster!

🎭 Ways to Use:

👉 One-on-one counseling sessions: Connect with students on a personal level and let them express their feelings and thoughts through the game.

👉 Small groups: Foster teamwork and communication by allowing students to play together, building their own monsters, and discussing important issues as a team.

👉 Whole class: use as an engaging activity to reinforce key concepts, encourage reflection, and deepen students' understanding through interactive discussions.

🌈 Unlock the power of play and watch as your students blossom, grow, and gain valuable insights! 🌟

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