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Strategies to Improve Working Memory Executive Function Study Skills Lesson Aid

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⭐️ Boost students’ executive functioning skills with the top 10 Strategies to Improve Working Memory Executive Function Study Skills Lesson! These strategies cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring every student finds their unique pathway to academic success.

Help students improve their study habits and learning by practicing strategies to improve working memory. From connecting the dots to chunking information, students will learn 10 strategies for remembering lots of information. These techniques cater to all learning styles, fostering engaged and confident learners. Reinforce concepts with printed posters, encourage collaborative activities, and watch your classroom transform into a hub of empowered scholars.

Top Benefits for Students:

1. Confidence Boost: Set the stage for confidence-building discussions on being prepared.

2. Engaging Learning: Introduce students to 10 super study skills, from 'Connecting the Dots' to 'Practice and Repeat,' ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.

3. Memory Mastery: Watch as students effortlessly recall information using innovative techniques.

4. Collaborative Learning: Foster teamwork with a dynamic group activity, allowing students to showcase their chosen study skills and apply them to real-life scenarios.

5. Accessible Resources: Equip students with printed mini posters, providing students with tangible reminders of strategies that appeal to their learning style.

Whether you are using it as a classroom lesson, in a small group, or working with students individually, this resource is carefully designed to equip older elementary students with the skills they need for academic excellence!

What is included in this packet:

1. Lesson Plan (3 pages)

2. PowerPoint Slide Show (24 slides)

3. Mini-Poster (1 page)

4. Personal Study Skills Posters (2 pages)

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