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Magical Meet the School Counselor Introduction ESCAPE ROOM Counseling Lesson

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Attention all young wizards! Get ready to use your magical problem-solving skills in our "Magical Meet the Counselor" Guidance Orientation. With our enchanting escape room puzzles, you'll learn all about the important role of a school counselor while helping to save the professors who have been turned into frogs! Each classroom holds new clues and challenges, and as you solve each puzzle, you'll earn one of the coveted professor frogs: Professor Quizzy, Professor Bizzy, and Professor Dizzy. Our pack includes a lesson plan, detailed setup instructions, a slideshow, counselor coloring bracelets, and a "My School Counselor Flip Flap" book. So grab your wand and join us on this mystical journey of learning and discovery!

"Welcome to Wizarding School, my friends,

where having fun never ends.

We’ll brew some cauldrons of our potions,

and learn all about our emotions.

We’ll get out our wands and practice a spell,

learn what the School Counselor does very well.

We’ll see if our crystal ball is clear,

so we’ll know how to talk to the

school counselor all year.

But unfortunately before school began,

an evil wizard had a plan.

“A curse has fallen upon this place,

you will no longer teach in this space!”

And poof, the professors were no longer here,

the evil wizard had made them disappear.

And there before everyone’s eyes,

sat three magical frogs eating flies.

So now it’s up to you to choose.

Will you solve the puzzles & clues,

to bring the wizarding professors back

and get the school year back on track? "

What is included: Color & Black & White Versions

  • Lesson Plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors - 3 pages
  • Lesson Prep with Directions - 1 page
  • Student Introduction - 1 page
  • Sorcerer's Source Code - 1 page
  • Puzzle One - 4 pages
  • Puzzle Two - 2 pages
  • Puzzle Three - 2 pages
  • Final Puzzle - 1 page
  • Professor Frogs - 1 page
  • Magic Wands - 1 page
  • Counselor Coloring Bracelets - 1 page
  • My School Counselor Flip Flap Book – 3 pages
  • Folder Cover (if needed) - 1 page
  • Envelope Labels (if needed) – 1 page
  • Puzzle Solutions - 7 pages
  • PowerPoint Slideshow - 10 slides

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