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Gratitude Thanksgiving Escape Room Lesson: Grateful Scarecrow Shows Kindness

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Make learning about gratitude and acts of kindness fun this Thanksgiving with Sloppy Joe the Scarecrow's Grateful ESCAPE Room Lesson! Help Sloppy Joe the Scarecrow earn leaves as he learns how to be more thankful, thoughtful, and kind. Your students will love this engaging and interactive Escape Room activity.

So, can you help the scarecrow out?

An attitude of gratitude is what it's all about.

Solve each challenge for a leaf to collect,

For the final puzzle to use and reflect.

Students will work in teams to solve 5 puzzles as Sloppy Joe the Scarecrow seeks advice from other animals in the field. The puzzles include using a Sunflower Solver, sorting Grateful and Ungrateful scenarios, discovering what Sloppy Joe the Scarecrow appreciates in the corn maze, and solving clues on his Kindness Calendar. With each puzzle solved students will earn a leaf for the final puzzle and learn a valuable lesson about gratitude and kindness. Once Sloppy Joe has escaped the cornfield, students will receive Kindness Coupons, Gratitude Grams, or Kindness Quotes to color and give to others. Additionally, students can create their own Kindness Calendar as part of this engaging activity or participate in making a Gratitude Tree Bulletin Board.

***This Escape Room Lesson does require some prep work of printing, cutting, and assembling the team puzzle packets, but it is well worth seeing your students working together to accomplish Sloppy Joe the Scarecrow’s Escape!!!

The lesson includes:

•Lesson Plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors - 5 pages

•Lesson Prep with Directions - 2 pages

•Story Introduction - 1 page

•Puzzle 1 - 2 pages

•Puzzle 2 - 5 pages

•Puzzle 3 - 2 pages

•Puzzle 4: - 2 pages

•Final Puzzle - 1 page

•Gratitude Tree Leaves - 5 pages

•Kindness Coupon Bracelets/Bookmarks - 1 page

•Gratitude Grams Bracelets/Bookmarks - 1 page

•Kindness Quotes Bracelets/Bookmarks - 1 page

•Create your own Kindness Calendar- 1 page

Puzzle Solution – 10 pages

•PowerPoint Slideshow - 18 slides

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (53MB)
  • PPTX (45MB)

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