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Meet the School Counselor ESCAPE ROOM, Guidance Counseling Introduction Lesson

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Ahoy, me hearties! Join the adventure and discover the important role of a school counselor while using teamwork to solve puzzles on a treasure hunt in this Escape Room Introduction Lesson! As ye sail from island to island, ye will learn how school counselors be yer grown-up friends, ready to help ye with any problem. For each puzzle solved, ye shall receive a piece of the map, leading ye to the grand treasure! This lesson includes a detailed lesson plan, slideshow, Counselor Coloring Bracelets, and My School Counselor Flip Flap book. Aye, be ready to read and write to complete these challenges!

What is included:

  • Lesson Plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors - 2 pages
  • Lesson Prep with Directions - 1 page
  • Student Introduction - 1 page
  • Puzzle One - 4 pages
  • Puzzle Two - 2 pages
  • Puzzle Three - 2 pages
  • Final Puzzle - 1 page
  • Treasure Chest Keys - 1 page
  • Counselor Coloring Bracelets - 1 page
  • My School Counselor Flip Flap Book – 3 pages
  • Editable My School Counselor Flip Flap Book – 6 pages
  • Treasure Chest Cover - 1 page
  • Labels – 1 page
  • Puzzle Solutions - 7 pages
  • PowerPoint Slideshow - 10 slides

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