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Executive Functioning Organization Time Management Activities Study Skill Lesson

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❤️ Unlock the secrets to academic success with this comprehensive organization study skills lesson! Motivate students to conquer their chaos by taking a self-assessment organization quiz. Elevate executive functioning skills with top-notch time management skills and the ability to effortlessly organize their study spaces, notebooks, and book bags by participating in hands-on organizing activities.

The benefits are endless! Students not only learn to manage their time effectively but also gain valuable skills for maintaining an organized study environment.

Chaos, Clutter, Confusion - Oh No! Quiz: Serves as a fun self-assessment, helping students understand their organizational strengths and areas for improvement.

Power Planning Schedule: Becomes a personal roadmap for effective time management, reducing stress and anxiety related to pending assignments.

File it and Find it Challenge: A hands-on group activity teaching students the practicality of organizational skills. (Optional Activity requires acquiring materials ahead of time.)

Organized Superhero Poster: A visual reinforcement that keeps students motivated and focused on their organizational goals.

Whether you are using it as a classroom lesson, in a small group, or working with students individually, this resource is carefully designed to equip older elementary students with the skills they need for academic excellence!

What is included in this packet:

1. Lesson plan (3 pages)

2. Slide Show (20 slides)

3. Chaos, Clutter, Confusion – Oh No! Quiz (1 page)

4. Power Planning Schedule (1 page)

5. File it & Find it Challenge Materials (4 pages)

6. Organized Superhero Poster (1 page)

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