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Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, I-Message ESCAPE ROOM Holiday SEL Guidance Lesson

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Looking for a fun, HOLIDAY SEL ESCAPE ROOM style lesson to teach KINDNESS and CARING COMMUNICATION? Students will be excited to team up to help Santa's Reindeer solve puzzles and earn Cookies from Mrs. Claus! While using teamwork in cooperative groups, teams will learn about being kind, and using compassion, empathy, & conflict-resolution skills to escape from being on Santa's Naughty List!

Oh No! Santa's reindeer are on the Naughty List! Can you help them learn to be more kind to others? Students will work in teams to help the reindeer through

5 different puzzles, and practice the essential components to being kind. The reindeer meet Santa's friends along the way who want to help them learn how to recognize feelings, learn how to make "I" Messages, be empathetic, and use caring communication. In this Escape Room style lesson, teams will receive cookies from Mrs. Claus as they solve each puzzle.

Ways to Use:

  • Use as a Kindness Lesson 45 to 60 minutes
  • Break into small group/lunch bunch meeting topics, one per week
  • Set up rotation stations, focusing on each of the puzzles
  • Use as a weeklong, daily activity, one puzzle per day
  • Share bookmarks with others as an act of kindness
  • Partner with other classes or grades for a collaborative escape room experience. Older students can assist younger ones, fostering mentorship, teamwork, and community
  • After completion, have students role-play scenarios related to kindness and gratitude, followed by reflective discussions
  • Focus on one letter per day of the THINK Poster. Discuss at the end who accomplished the goal of the day.

***This Escape Room Lesson does require some prep work of printing, cutting, and assembling the team puzzle packets, but it is well worth seeing your students working together to help Santa's Reindeer get back on the Nice List!***

The lesson includes Color and B/W Versions:

  • Lesson Plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors - 3 pages
  • Lesson Prep with Directions - 2 pages
  • Student Introduction - 1 page
  • Santa’s Cypher - 1 page
  • Puzzle 1: Frosty’s Feelings - 4 pages
  • Puzzle 2: Trouble in the Toy Shop - 2 pages
  • Puzzle 3: ”I” Statement Stockings - 4 pages
  • Puzzle 4: Caring Communication - 2 pages
  • Final Puzzle: Golden Rule - 3 pages
  • THINK Poster - 1 page
  • Kindness Coloring Bookmarks - 3 pages
  • Folder Cover (if needed) - 1 page
  • Envelope labels (if needed) - 1 page
  • Puzzle Solutions - 8 pages
  • PowerPoint Slideshow - 10 slides

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