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Santa Kindness Empathy Holiday SEL ESCAPE ROOM Lesson Life Skills Activities

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Looking for an exciting and educational Holiday-themed lesson focusing on Kindness and Empathy? Make learning about kindness fun during the December, holiday season with Santa’s Lost List Escape Room SEL Lesson. This lesson’s magical exploration of kindness, empathy, and essential social skills, is perfect for your young students, designed specifically for primary students with animated slides! Your students will love this engaging and interactive activity. Help Santa find his Nice List before the big night!

Escape Room Fun with a Purpose: In this classroom guidance lesson, students will embark on a fun adventure searching Santa’s Village for his lost Nice List. But there's a twist – they must work as a class to solve a variety of puzzles about kindness, empathy, and thoughtful communication!

Examining Kindness: Students will work as a class to solve 3 puzzles. The puzzles include 1) Understanding Feelings, 2) Expressing Empathy, and 3) THINK Before You Speak. Students will choose answers to reveal clues to where Santa’s list might be. With each puzzle solved students will reveal an animated scene. Once escaped, students will receive Kindness Bookmarks or Glow Grams to give to others. Additionally, use the Glow Grams to decorate. Collect at the end of the lesson, hole punch and string the Glow Gram Light Bulbs to hang on the walls of the classroom, bulletin board, or hallways!

In this whimsical escapade through Santa's Village, STUDENTS WILL:

•Join Santa's Quest: Help Santa locate his misplaced Nice List by unraveling charming puzzles centered around kindness and empathy!

Engage with Festive Characters: Elves, reindeer, and gingerbread friends will guide students through understanding feelings, expressing empathy, and mastering the art of thoughtful communication.

Experience Holiday Magic: Three captivating puzzle sets gradually unveil different parts of Santa's Village as students progress, making learning an adventurous holiday extravaganza!

Spread Kindness: Encourage acts of kindness with heartwarming activities like Glow Grams and Kindness Bookmarks, fostering a culture of compassion and camaraderie among peers.

Why Counselors and Teachers Love It:

Whimsical Escape Room Fun: The holiday-themed escape room experience brings joy and cheer to the learning environment.

Animated Adventures: Engaging animated slideshows turn each puzzle-solving moment into a magical exploration.

Teamwork & Critical Thinking: Encourage collaboration and critical thinking skills through interactive challenges that kids absolutely adore.

Interactive Engagement: Correct answers reveal delightfully animated scenes, captivating students' attention and imagination.

Extension Activities: Kindness-themed bookmarks and THINK acronym posters reinforce the lesson while Glow Grams add a personal touch to decorations.

This escape room is a must-have addition to your lesson plans!

The lesson includes:

  • Lesson Plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors - 2 pages
  • PowerPoint Slideshow - 65 slides
  • Kindness Bookmarks - 3 pages
  • Glow Grams - 20 pages
  • THINK Poster - 1 page

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