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Conflict Resolution Puppet Script Solving Friendship Problems Counseling Lesson

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⭐️ Are your students struggling with friendship skills? Looking for a fun and effective way to teach conflict resolution? This highly engaging puppet scriptlesson plan, and animated slideshow will have your students giggling all while learning through play how to solve friendship problems and say sorry or ask for help. This dynamic puppet script, comprehensive social-emotional learning lesson plan, and lively animated presentation will delight your students and instill valuable lessons in problem-solving through playful activities.

❤️ The lesson unfolds with an animated slideshow, accompanied by our endearing puppet friend, Silly Sammy, who leads the way. The importance of solving problems and saying sorry is reinforced through exciting interactive slideshow games such as Build an "I" Message Rocket, where students choose the rocket parts to make multiple “I” messages to solve a conflict. Another fun interactive activity is learning how to say sorry while revealing a hidden, animated picture.


❤️ The puppet script, intertwined with the counselor's guidance, offers seamless interaction between the characters as they introduce the ⭐️ STAR Method ⭐️ to solving friendship problems:

S – Stop: Stop & think about what is bothering you.

T – Talk: Talk to your friend about your feelings.

A – Agree, Apologize, or Ask for help.

R – Review: Think about what worked.

*You'll also find the script in the PowerPoint Notes, allowing for effortless reading in "Presenter View." Preview the magic in the VIDEO PREVIEW above to witness the animations in action!

❤️ The lesson is enriched with 2 extension activities. Students can color and illustrate a STAR Method Tab Book or color a STAR Method Bookmark/Bracelet. These fun activities serve as a visual reminder of their learning. Join Silly Sammy in a heartwarming exploration of solving conflicts with friends!

This resource includes:

⭐️ Puppet Script Lesson (5 pages)

⭐️ Taking Turns Animated Slideshow (27 slides)

⭐️ Tab BOOK (2 pages)

⭐️ Bookmark/Bracelet (1 page)

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