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Valentine's Day Cards - Candy Grams - Val-A-Grams Community Service Fundraiser 2

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Indulge in the sweetness of your Valentine's Day Community Service Fundraising project with our irresistible Candy Grams! Ignite the spirit of giving in young hearts while raising funds by selling these Val-A-Grams that spread kindness and joy like no other.

From Lively Lunchtime to Blissful Breakfast and even the Delightful Donuts for Dads event, there's no limit to where these Val-A-Grams can be shared. The car rider line becomes a cupid's paradise, and teachers can join the fun by purchasing sets for their whole class, with the option to have the students' names filled in. It’s an opportunity that brings sweetness and smiles to all!

Here’s a delightful secret: Our Elementary School Student Council sells these Val-A-Grams every year at a mere 50 cents each. And brace yourself for the awe-inspiring impact they create, raising $200-$300! Just imagine the magic you can conjure for your community service projects!

Inside this irresistible package, you'll discover 12 mesmerizing Candy Grams in convenient PDF format. Simply print these delightful cards on sturdy cardstock, attach a mouthwatering piece of candy, and watch the enchantment unfold before your very eyes.

Get ready to embark on a Valentine's Day adventure filled with sweetness and goodwill that will leave a lasting impact on hearts and communities alike. Spread kindness, friendship, and the delightful spirit of giving with our extraordinary Candy Grams. It's time to savor the joy of making a difference, one delectable treat at a time!


• “Owl” be your friend, forever! (Owl)

• Don’t go “bacon” my heart! (Bacon)

• I dig you! (Dog)

• I’m wild about you! (Lion)

• See you later, alligator! (Alligator)

• You are “Rock”-ing it! (Rock)

• You make me leap for joy! (Frog)

• You make my heart “flip-flop”! (Flip-Flops)

• You melt my heart! (Snowflake)

• You’re “purr”-fect! (Cat)

• You’re out of this world (Spaceship)

• You’re so cool it’s scary! (Monster)

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