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Teamwork Challenges Goal Setting Collaborative Activities SEL Guidance Lesson

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Get ready for an SEL guidance lesson that's as exciting as it is educational! Your students will love this active and engaging teamwork challenge that teaches communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, and goal-setting.

With eight different game stations, including the "A”Maze”ing Marble Challenge" and "T.P. Tower", your students will work together to overcome obstacles and meet challenges. This packet includes a lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, and cooperative learning games. You will choose 4 cooperative games from the list of 8 provided so you can actually use this lesson twice! A list of supplies for each game is provided. Don't miss out on this fun and memorable lesson for elementary students!

What is included in this packet:

1. Working Together to Achieve Goals Lesson Plan (4 pages)

2. Working Together to Achieve Goals PowerPoint Slide Show (12 slides)

3. Build a Cup Tower Table Top Directions (1 page)

4. Tennis Ball Transport Table Top Directions (1 page)

5. A “Maze”ing Marble Challenge Table Top Directions (1 page)

6. Defying Gravity Table Top Directions (1 page)

7. Listen to the Boss Table Top Directions (1 page)

8. Island Hopping Table Top Directions (1 page)

9. Popsicle Sticks Puzzle Table Top Directions (1 page)

10. T.P. Tower Table Top Directions (1 page)

11. Listen to the Boss Drawing 1 (1 page)

12. Listen to the Boss Drawing 2 (1 page)

13. Listen to the Boss Drawing 3 (1 page)

14. Listen to the Boss Drawing 4 (1 page)

15. Listen to the Boss Drawing 5 (1 page)

16. Beagle Popsicle Puzzle (1 page)

17. Kitten Popsicle Puzzle (1 page)

18. Starfish Popsicle Puzzle (1 page)

19. Flower Popsicle Puzzle (1 page)

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