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Gratitude Gobble Grams Thanksgiving Kindness Thankful Turkey Activity Fundraiser

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Looking for a great way to express gratitude and thankfulness? Check out these Gobble Grams! Spread kindness this Thanksgiving with our Gobble Grams—a fantastic resource for fostering gratitude and making connections. These Gobble Grams are perfect for passing out to your students or selling as a fundraiser at school. They can also be used as an in-class or whole-school activity to spread gratitude and thankfulness around your school.

Our Gobble Grams feature 10 Thanksgiving-themed messages to help you express your appreciation and 10 "turkey-rific" jokes to bring smiles to everyone's faces. What's more, they come in black and white, making them a great class coloring activity. Personalize and give them to others to show your gratitude in a creative and heartfelt way.

Add a piece of candy and sell them for a fundraiser. Whether during lunch, breakfast, Donuts for Dads, or even in the car rider line, these Gobble Grams are a hit! Teachers can also purchase sets for their classes, and you can fill in the students' names. It's a win-win!

Multiple Uses:

  • Student-to-Student Gifting: share gratitude and kindness with classmates.
  • Fundraiser: Sell to students, parents, and staff as a fundraising initiative.
  • Teacher-to-Student or Staff Gifting: A simple way to build a sense of community and express gratitude within the school.
  • Classroom Activity: A creative and engaging classroom activity.
  • Whole School Initiative: A school-wide effort to promote gratitude and community building.
  • Parent Involvement: Encourage parents to purchase and involve parents in promoting gratitude and kindness.
  • Thanksgiving Event: Distribute during a Thanksgiving event at the school to celebrate the holiday with expressions of gratitude.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Surprise others with messages of thanks and appreciation.
  • Teacher Recognition: Teachers can use Gobble Grams to recognize students for acts of kindness or exceptional behavior.
  • Home-School Connection: Send home to encourage gratitude and kindness, extending the message beyond the school.
  • Friendship Building: Make new friends by exchanging cards with someone new.
  • Teacher Appreciation: Show gratitude to their teachers and express their thanks.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Gobble Grams
  • 10 “Turkey-rific” Funny Grams
  • All come in Color and Black & White versions (40 total)

These low-prep Thanksgiving Gobble Grams are 8.5” x 5.5”. Just print and cut in half! Bring happiness to those who receive them and satisfaction to those who give them. Join us in spreading kindness and gratitude this holiday season with Gobble Grams – a simple yet meaningful way to show someone how thankful you are!

You will get a PDF (20MB) file

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