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Conflict Resolution STAR Problem-Solving Scenarios Social Skills Lesson Activity

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⭐️ Equip your students with essential problem-solving skills using the STAR method - Stop, Think, Act, and Review. This social skills lesson incorporates critical thinking and teamwork activities to help students become experts in conflict resolution and problem-solving. Discover how your students can benefit from this practical problem-solving approach today!

⭐️ Welcome to Hollywood, where the brightest stars are not just celebrities, but also the problem-solving experts known as STAR Problem Solvers. This lesson aims to teach elementary students how to become STAR Problem Solvers using the STOP, THINK, ACT, and REVIEW method.

⭐️ To start, students will solve Mystery Mix-Up Popsicle Stick Puzzles and discuss the teamwork skills they used. Then, they will learn the STAR acronym and practice it together during scene work situations. Afterward, they will work in groups to write problem-solving scripts and present their scenes to the class.

⭐️ This resource includes a lesson, PowerPoint presentation, and activities. The only preparation required is to make the puzzles using Popsicle sticks, which involves printing the puzzle pictures, gluing them on six fat Popsicle sticks laid out in a square, and cutting them apart after they dry. The lesson can be used in the classroom or for small groups.

⭐️ By the end of the lesson, students will understand the importance of decision-making and be able to make simple decisions using a problem-solving approach. Get ready to shine like a star in this fun and engaging lesson on the STAR problem-solving method!

⭐️ The lesson can be used in the classroom or for small groups.

⭐️ After completion of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of making decisions.
  • Make simple decisions using a problem-solving approach

⭐️ What is included in this resource?

  • Lesson Plan (2 pages)
  • PowerPoint (16 slides)
  • 6 Mystery Mix-Up Popsicle Stick Puzzles (3 pages)
  • 6 Scene Work Scenarios (3 pages)
  • 6 STAR Problem Solver Script Worksheets (6 pages)

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